As a free player, i’m pretty sure you’re tired to dig hundreds of dirt blocks for a small amount of gems. Well your frustration ends here. Would you like to have as much growtopia gems as you want? Would you like to be one of the best growtopia players and beat all your friends? Well, you’re in the right place, with this Growtopia Gems Generator you will be able to generate as many gems as you want!

Growtopia is a wonderful 2D (2 dimensions) online multiplayer creative sandbox game in which you can build houses dungeons or anything else you think of. It’s a universe of unlimited worlds all connected by doors you can splice. You can plant seeds to grow trees or mix seeds to create new kinds of items. Fun right? The only problem with growtopia is that if you want to “grow” yourself aka be one of the best you need many gems which are the only currency in Growtopia. Gems can be obtained free by breaking blocks and harvesting trees but this process is very tedious and time consuming and you find only a few gems, not enough to be a competitive player. Of course you can buy them but that’s not what you want since you’re searching for growtopia cheats. I don’t like the play to win strategy as well, i hate these players that are only better because they are richer than others, that’s why i’m sharing this awesome generator.

This Growtopia Generator is made by a professional team of coders who have tested it intensively on hundred on accounts before releasing it to the public so you don’t have to worry about account security, everything is 100% SAFE!. But if you are worried, you can just make a new account and use it on that account, many people have multiple accounts and no one had a problem. The generator has a very easy to use interface but don’t be fooled by that, there are hundreds of rows of code behind it. Also the Growtopia cheat is virus free, it has been scanned with biggest antivirus software’s available today, you can click on the virus scan below to see the results.

Using this Growtopia Gems Generator you are literally obtaining the freedom to increase the amount of gems you possess. Gems give you direct access to upgrades, items and faster progress in the game. Just be careful though: don’t add too much gems to your account or you’ll be spotted by the game moderators and you have a chance to have your account suspended. It’s better to add fewer gems at a constant rate than to blast with hundreds of thousands of gems from day one.

Our gems generator is compatible with all the operating system growtopia runs on: Android (no root required), iOS (no jailbreak required), Windows and Mac OS

If you want to be one of the best players not another mediocre player and build enormous worlds like the world of players who spent fortunes to create them but free and own all the items in the game then why you should download this Growtopia Gems Generator right away.

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How to use the Growtopia Gems Generator

1. Download and run the Growtopia Gems Generator (No installation required)
2. Enter your Growtopia GrowID
3. Choose the amount of Gems to add and click “Generate”
4. Wait several seconds
5. Free Gems will be on your account
6. Enjoy!

=========== How to download ===========

STEP 1: Click the download button below

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If you dont want to download an executable program, you can use the online generator!