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MicroVolts RT Generator

MicroVolts is a well known MMO third person shooter with a mind blowing gameplay and plot. The main currency of the game consists of the Rock Tokens, also known as RT. Players may buy in-game RT with real life money and use them to unlock various features. The most notable ones include exclusive items, additional weapon upgrades, appearance customization (hair, face, top, bottom hands, shoes and accessories) and abilities upgrades (faster run speed, additional health points and extra weapon bullets). In order to provide a reliable and efficient substitute of obtaining RT for free, we conceived a fully working MicroVolts RT Generator for all the game fans of MicroVolts.

This simply and effective software program was created to satisfy the necessity of getting MicroVolts free RT. With our ultimate MicroVolts RT Generator you can generate as many RT as you want for free. Buy all the items and unlock all the features you want, free of charge and effort, as it should be.

We assure you that our MicroVolts RT Generator is fully undetectable, it runs on almost every browser, it has been used and tested for over 2 months on hundreds of accounts, so you don’t have to worry about your account getting banned, everything is 100% SAFE! If you are still not convinced you can try it on a new account.

The procedure of using our MicroVolts RT Generator is highly simplified by its intuitive and innovative design. In order to supply you the desired amount of RT, the program needs only two aspects: your account and the amount of RT you want to have. After completing the fields, pressing on “Generate” button, and waiting for a few seconds until the RT is sent into your account, you will be able to use the endless RT stocks inside the MicroVolts Store/Shop right away.

Our MicroVolts RT Generator works on Windows 10 / 8.1 /8 / 7 / XP / Vista and Macintosh.

You can be sure that you will be one of the best players after using our MicroVolts RT Generator! 🙂

microvolts rt generator


How to use the MicroVolts RT Generator

1. Download and run the MicroVolts RT Generator (No installation required).
2. Enter your MicroVolts login ID.
3. Choose the amount of MicroVolts RT to add and click “Generate”.
4. Wait several seconds.
5. MicroVolts RT will be on your account.
6. Enjoy!

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